Koneturva Audit

  • Does the safety of your machinery worry you? Need something concrete to manage machinery safety?
  • With Koneturva Audit we jointly form an image of the current state of machinery safety and notable development targets. The audit will be documented to support your company’s safety management.
  • Contents:

    • Auditing day of machines and machinery safety
    • Evaluation of the safety of the machines in the light of current standards and regulations
    • Definition of major machinery safety deficiencies
    • A visual report with practical action proposals
    • Reviewing results (+half day)

To support safety management

Koneturva Audit is an expert service that provides an objective assessment of the current state and development needs of your company’s machinery safety and helps to raise awareness of the regulations and responsibilities related to machinery safety on a practical level.

Koneturva Audit is an easy service with respect to time management. We review your company’s machines for one day, together with a person who knows your machines. The audit will also inspect your company’s machinery safety procedures and documentation.

Audit benefits:

  • Safety risks become visible,
  • Your own risk assessment competence develops,
  • A more accurate focus on maintenance, which in the longer term improves productivity and eliminates production risks.

The report is a step towards safety

We will produce a visual report on the audit, which will be reviewed with key personnel in your company in the form of a feedback discussion. Based on our report, your company can focus and plan the maintenance of machine and work equipment safety, thus improving safety at work. You will decide on the necessary further action yourself.

Training is the most effective way to complete the audit

As an option, we offer machinery safety training for personnel arranged in connection with reporting. The training has proved to be very popular, as the examples that have been drawn up in accordance with your machines are familiar to the participants and are easily accessible.

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