Koneturva Risk Assessment

  • Do you have the risks associated with your machines in hand? Have you connected a machine to a machine line? Do you know how a change made to the machine line will affect safety?
  • A risk assessment is required if a change is made to the machine line or a machine is added to it. We will investigate the risks and the necessary measures to eliminate them.
  • Risk assessment is the basis for developing machinery safety. Our service helps you to ensure the coverage of risk assessment and to be sure that the assessment has been carried out professionally.
  • Content is focused on the needs of your company

    • Identification and assessment of the significance of the technical risks affecting the machine’s safety of operation.
    • A description of the principles of safety integration.

With the help of a risk assessment:

  • You can ensure the safety of machines and machine lines
  • You get a clear picture of the possible risks in the machines
  • You will receive guidelines for the machines’ safety integration measures
  • You will be able to align safety measures correctly and save costs.

Risk assessment is the starting point for safety integration

Risk assessment makes safety more visible and enables the effective targeting of safety integration measures. Hazard identification and risk assessment is based on the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Government Decree on the Safety of Machinery (400/2008) and Safe Use and Inspection of Work Equipment (403/2008).

The work is carried out in conjunction with your team to ensure that the results are meaningful and understandable. Measures to eliminate hazards and reduce risk must always be based on a risk assessment. Our service helps you to ensure the coverage and professional outcome of the risk assessment.

Risk assessment should be carried out:

  • When building a new machine
  • When connecting a machine to a machine line
  • When modernising or changing a machine
  • In connection with changes to production and working methods
  • Regularly to ensure the safety of the machine used in the work.

The risk assessment may be carried out in several stages over time. This enables light resource allocation during your project and reduces the repair needs that will arise at the end of the project.


  • A plan to eliminate or reduce risks
  • Residual risk assessment
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