Support for machine procurement

  • Are you purchasing a machine or machine line? Does the machine you purchased meet the safety and CE-marking requirements?
  • Are you sure that the CE marking or the declaration of incorporation guarantees the safety of the machine?
  • In machine procurement, it is advisable to outsource the specification and monitoring of safety requirements to us. We support the procurement process from the bidding phase to the deployment phase. We define the safety requirements, check the supplier documentation and verify the conformity of the purchased machine.
  • We at Koneturva ensure the safety and compliance of your purchases.
  • Contact us – let’s find a solution for your needs!

Do it in time to avoid problems during the deployment phase

The earlier safety is taken into account, the lower the cost. Correcting deficiencies after the design phase causes delays and multiplies the cost of corrective action.

Specifying machine safety requirements in connection with the order reduces the need for repairs before commissioning. Integration in machine lines is facilitated by taking into account the specification of safety features and interfaces and the responsibilities of the provision of protection during the procurement phase, for example.

When the deployment is completed as planned, financial savings will be substantial. Completing the project is easier when safety is taken into account in the project as a whole. The sooner you take us with you, the more you save.

The cost of correcting safety deficiencies will increase as the procurement process progresses

CE marking is not a guarantee of safety

In the case of machine procurement, the final conformity assessment will be left to the purchaser and relies on the documentation provided by the manufacturer. The CE marking or the declaration of incorporation of the machine to be purchased does not guarantee the safety of the machine. After commissioning, the necessary repairs and the safety of workers operating the machine are almost always the responsibility of the employer.

We at Koneturva build a common understanding between the purchaser, supplier and end user that the machine complies with the regulations.

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