• We are experts in machinery safety. Our principles of operation are quality, trust and partnership.
  • We understand the challenges and responsibilities related to safety of machinery from the perspective of the owner, operator, buyer and manufacturer of the machine.
  • Koneturva Oy was founded in 2016. Our experts have practical experience in developing machinery safety in almost all industries.
  • Our goal is to be Finland’s leading machinery safety expert organisation and companies’ first choice as a partner in machinery safety.
  • We provide safety for workers and security for those responsible.

The experience of Markku Ulvinen , the founder of Koneturva Oy, showed that when push comes to shove, a partner is needed who offers workable solutions. The real benefit is formed in practical cooperation with the customer. That is why he created a company that provides services he would have needed himself.

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From someone needing assistance to an expert

I used to work in an industrial company, where several accidents occurred as a result of inadequate machinery safety, some of which were very serious.

I was given the responsibility for developing machinery safety and my task was to correct the safety problems. The situation was acute, so my first idea was to buy in expert services from outside the company.

I soon discovered that there were indeed services available that were capable of identifying hazards and assessing risks. However, we did not need the hazards to be pointed out – we already knew what they were. We needed a service that would take responsibility for designing and delivering complete solutions.

We couldn’t find service like this. We were forced to do the job ourselves. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about machinery safety;after all I had worked in maintenance and commissioning for almost twenty years. It soon became clear that the issue was not simple – the task required a lot of new learning and practical application under heavy pressure.

Towards Koneturva

The situation was painful. There really was a need for the right partner. I was left thinking that surely there are others in this country who have been in a similar situation. Building safety should not be so difficult for anyone! Koneturva was born out of this feeling.

I wanted to create a company whose services I would have needed myself. A company that offers solutions in addition to listing problems. Above all, I wanted to set up a company that works with its customers to prevent accidents caused by machinery.

We are your partner in ensuring machinery safety.

– Markku

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