Koneturva Modernisation

  • Are you revamping an old machine? Do you know your responsibilities?
  • Modernisation changes the structure and operation of the machine and requires new safety and compliance reviews. It is recommended to have solutions for machinery safety carried out by professionals in the industry.
  • Koneturva Modernisation ensures your project is successful in a cost-effective way. In addition to safety, machine usability and production efficiency are our top priorities.

  • Along with expert services, we also manage your entire project from start to finish on a turnkey basis.
  • We are also a partner in modernisation to ensure safety of machinery. Contact us to find the best solutions together!

Modernisation with safety, usability and productive efficiency in mind

Machines and machine lines are modernised to prolong the life cycle and to reflect production changes. Machine protection and other safety-related features may require updating, and choosing the right level of safety is essential to the usability of the machine.

We design safety solutions based on a risk assessment carried out jointly with the customer. We take into account production requirements and search for compliant and cost-effective safety solutions with a long life cycle.

We strive to ensure changes made in modernisation facilitate the use of the machine and improve production efficiency.

We implement machine modernisations at different scales. We provide overall projects from pre-planning to implementation on a “turnkey” basis, including the necessary documentation and instructions for use. In sub-projects, we handle certain areas, such as safety circuits in the control system or mechanical protection of the machine.

Employer’s responsibilities related to modernisation

The main safety measures that employers are responsible for when modernising machinery under the Occupational Safety and Health Act are:

  • safety reporting and risk assessment,
  • design and construction of protections,
  • updating and managing documentation.

The employer must systematically and periodically review and, if necessary, update the safety of the machinery in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act 738/2002 and the Government Decree on the Safe Use and Inspection of Work Equipment 403/2008. The safety level should be examined, especially when changes are made to machinery, and if necessary, safety should be improved in accordance with the regulations in force.

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